Monday, January 25, 2010

Ode to a Cold, Rainy Day

We here in Wisconsin enjoyed a "toasty" 36-degree day yesterday, so my friend Kari convinced me to run with her outdoors. It's been a while (December) since I've run outside and I was feeling a little whiny about the rain-ish conditions, but it was great! Though we had to hurdle the occasional snow pile and dodge more than a few puddles, that fresh wintery air felt wonderfully refreshing.
I have always been an indoor girl. I would rather vacation at a resort with a shower and air conditioning than rough it in a tent - hands-down. (Anyone seen the movie, "Troop Beverly Hills?" That's my kinda girl scout troop!) Thus, I have spent much more time working out in the gym than I have ever spent sweating in the elements. In fact, when I joined my local gym last year, they asked what I wanted out of a workout facility. I said, "My own TV on my cardio machine."
BUT, since I've started running, I've found there's nothing better than being outside. The fresh air is great...and so is feeling like you're actually going somewhere! It took some prodding, but I'm so glad someone got me out of the house (and the gym) and back outside. Freezing-schmeezing!


  1. I really am sick of Wisconsin winters! Not too much longer and we'll be able to run outside all of the time again. You are much braver than me. Sub-50 and I'm on the TM!!!

  2. If you wear a thick sweatshirt it is possible to run outside at 10 degrees, as long as there is little/no wind. The trick is to do lots of warmups beforehand so that the cold air actually feels good when you step outside.

  3. I hate the tm so I run outside all the time. I have "cold" gear and never have a problem with the temps. I try to stay in if it is below zero (with windchills). The cold doesn't seem to bother me. I warm up after about 1 mile and it isn't a problem. The wind can be difficult, though. I just enjoy being outside so much especially if it is sunny.