Saturday, April 3, 2010

Moving forward

After about 3 weeks off running (feels like 3 months), I decided to test the waters at the gym the other day. I was really scared. What if my leg still hurt and I found I was still side-lined? Even worse, what if my leg didn't hurt and I found out just how many miles I'd lost in the last few weeks? Only one way to find out - I hit the treadmill. Not my first choice, but I figured that if my leg gave out, I could just hop on the bike without having to call my husband to come pick me up somewhere! I was really cautious. I ran a mile, then stopped for a minute or two to stretch, then ran a second mile and stopped to stretch. I was really worried I'd push it too far too fast, so I finished the workout on a bike, but I felt like there was reason to hope!
I called my friend Kari as soon as I got home and she reminded me that moving forward is the most important thing. Maybe I won't be able to run the entire half, but as long as I don't stop, I'll know I didn't give up. This will be my first half, but not my last, no matter what!

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