Monday, April 5, 2010

Lost ground

I was really excited to get out on Saturday and run. Now that I knew my legs could take at least 2 miles, I decided to try for 3. My workout calendar says I should be at 6 by now, but I don't want to push it.
I headed out on a gorgeous day and took a deep breath, remembering what it was like to be outside again. It was a perfect day.
Throughout the run, I thought I must be going too fast. My breathing was heavy and my legs felt the same way. When I finished, I heard my iPod tell me I was actually running slower than I usually do. The magic of the Shamrock Shuffle is gone and I know it will be a slow climb back to that sweet spot, but I'm in this until the end. It was disappointing to finally feel the results of 3 weeks away from running, but I remember how it feels to be in the zone and I'll get there again!
What's important is that I'm out there doing it - no matter how fast (or not).
PS- I hope everyone had a great Easter! I ate way too much candy but that's half the fun, right?


  1. Keep it up, Jody. We love reading about your training.

    We are all training to run in the half with you, too--12 of us (and 2 in the full!) in honor of my sister, who died in December. You can follow our progress here if you are interested: