Friday, February 26, 2010

Buckling down

Happy Friday! Hopefully some of you are in the area and enjoying the sunny (but cold) weather here in the Midwest. If any of you are on the east coast buried in snow, I hope you're hunkered down with some good movies!
Today's post is about my realization that I need to put good food in my body if I want to feel good, especially when I run. Shocking that it's taken me so long, I know, but I was convinced that all the running canceled out the extra calories. Somewhat true, but it turns out that greasy pizza and excessive sugar do not a great run make!
As much as it pained me to have to say goodbye to junk food, I've managed to do it and am feeling great! Now it's all about finding the right foods to replace the delicious (but horribly naughty) french fries, M&Ms (sigh), and white chocolate mochas (double sigh).
So, as I dig into my very first greek yogurt (thanks to Kari for that recommendation), I put it out to all of you:
What kind of foods do you like to eat when you're training? Suggestions that include some way to sneak chocolate into my diet are appreciated :)
As I said in the previous post, I'm not big on meat and so don't always get enough protein (hence the yogurt), so if anyone has some good ideas for ways to get some protein in as well, that would be awesome!
I'm on my way, people! Feelin' good and, bonus, starting to look a little more like a runner, too!
Next week's post: NEW RUNNING SHOES!!!
Until then, low-fat chocolate milk wishes and Clif Bar dreams!


  1. Good for you for cutting out the junk. I tend to do good for a couple of days and then not so good. It's a work in progress! I like chocolate milk after long runs.

  2. Kefir is a great recovery drink!

  3. There are two new products that I found at our grocery store just last week that would fit both criteria for you. They are a natural peanut butter one mixed with white chocolate and the other mixed with dark chocolate. They are in with all of the peanut butters. It is awesome and gets the protein in, but adds the chocolate for us chocoholics.

  4. Peanut butter with chocolate??? Um, yes, please!