Tuesday, February 2, 2010

(Non)Drinking Problem

It was the most horrible feeling ever...like a hangover and the stomach flu rolled into one...
Sunday night, with five miles of running ahead of me, I dragged myself to the gym expecting a not-so-stellar performance. I had been in the car all afternoon (driving back from Minnesota) and had fallen asleep - never a good thing. I was still feeling groggy and just wanted to get this over with, but all of a sudden, I hit my stride and I felt like I could have run forever! I even punched it up at the end and finished strong. I felt great!
After some stretching and a hot shower, I was in my pjs and ready to wind down. I had a bit to eat and settled in on the couch.
Suddenly, it all went wrong. It was like my batteries had died. I felt weak and ill and wobbly. Dehydration hit me like a truck. I was up until 1am downing water in small gulps attempting to fend off the nausea and cursing myself for being so negligent. I tossed my cookies (all of them) and collapsed in bed. I was so exhausted the next day, I stayed home from work and slept the entire day away. Ugh.
Today, I'm back at work where my water bottle will stay glued to my hand wherever I go. Lesson learned (so, don't worry, Mom!)...the really hard way.

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  1. Jody, Jody, Jody!!

    Lesson learned. :-)