Monday, February 22, 2010

We're all in this together

This weeks' training schedule said yesterday (Sunday) was a 6-mile day. I was a little freaked that morning and was dreading the very real possibility that this would be rough.
As I was driving home from the grocery store that morning, I saw a few brave souls already bundled and hitting the pavement. I was totally inspired.
I went home and slipped (or yanked) on my brand new running tights (an item, by the way, I was pretty sure I'd never be caught dead in due to their extremely unflattering cut), grabbed my kicks and I was out the door. It was a balmy 29 degrees, but I warmed up pretty quickly.
Was it a great run? Absolutely not. After about 4.5 miles, my body was done (side note - I think this could open a whole new discussion about nutrition as I am basically a vegetarian and have trouble getting enough protein, but that's another post for another day)
Was it a great experience? Absolutely. The reason? I couldn't believe how great it felt to be out among my fellows. Every time I passed another runner, there was a smile, a wave or even a "Hi!" between heavy breaths. I felt an instant bond with these strangers simply because we were all out there in the elements together. Even as I drive through my neighborhood and see runners working hard, I am suddenly compelled to roll down my window and yell, "Keep it up! You're doing great! Good for you!"
My only explanation for this is that I am suddenly (instantly, really) part of a community. Runners (even us newbies) know what it means to get out on a Sunday morning and get your feet moving. This blog has already made me feel like I belong (thanks to all of you), but nothing can compare to getting out there and seeing the support on the face of other runners.


  1. It is important to support each other. There are many days when I feel like cutting a run short or not even going, but I know I would be letting myself down and ultimately have to fess up on my blog. We all have bad days, but positive support makes those few and far between.

    Good for you for getting out on Sunday. Sometimes we need to listen to our bodies and it sounds like you know what yours is telling you.

    Welcome to the running community and I hope that we can help support you as you pass it on and support others.

  2. You rock! I have been missing my running community, since I am way too much of a wimp to do my day-to-day running in this weather. I'm enjoying my TiVo'd episodes of American Idol as I run on the treadmill in the basement. But I can't wait for the snow to melt so I can get outside again.
    As for the food stuff....I don't eat red meat, but I try to get protein from other sources. And I LOVE peanut butter (mix it in some oatmeal for a pre-run breakfast).

  3. I don't get to see other runners often because I live in the middle of nowhere, but I agree, it is awesome - that's why it's so fun to run races!