Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cabin Fever

I got back on the treadmill last night and decided: I am sick to death of the treadmill. No amount of quality TV can distract me from the (very) slowly changing numbers on the machine. Time drags by as I suck in the stale-seeming air and proceed to sweat my butt off (not literally of course, but that would be nice). Oh, and let's not forget the infamous "chatties" who seem to end up working out next to me. They don't seem to notice or care that I am wearing earphones, they simply chat my ear off as I huff and puff and barely respond.
I guess it's time to put aside my wimpy-ness and get outside again. I hope that little groundhog in Sun Prairie was right. Bring on the spring!
Until then, does anyone know any clubs/locations in Madison with indoor tracks open to the public?


  1. You need to get outside. I find it so much easier and conducive to training.

  2. I cannot run on the treadmill. Once you start running outside, you will get used to it. And, running through the winter makes you a badass!

  3. All I do is run outside. I'm training for the marathon and I don't know how I would get a long run in on the treadmill. When you are dressed properly you don't even notice the cold. The sunshine (when there is some) and the fresh air are so worth it.