Sunday, February 28, 2010

From Zippy to Zombie

I did it! I conquered the 6-mile long-run day! I didn't do it quickly or without pain (or without thinking I was going to quit a zillion times) but I got through. I was so happy I nearly skipped home after I finished. My elation lasted the rest of the day, but my batteries sure as heck did not!
Now, I am not a napper. I actually really hate taking naps because I always wake up feeling groggy and often more tired than when I started. But, here I am at 4pm barely able to keep my eyes open. My husband took me for a coffee, but even my caffeine jolt could not shake the absolute exhaustion I felt (feel, really) throughout my entire body. Must sleep.
Is this normal? Do any of you need to run, shower, eat and nap? After my 10K in December, that's exactly what I did. Is it just me?? Man, what will I do as the runs just get longer?? Should I expect to go into a brief coma after my half marathon?


  1. Sometimes I've found that this happens to me if I don't drink enough during or after my runs. Make sure that you are drinking enough when you run long (I usually drink a powerade Zero for hydration and have a smoothie for calories when I get back).
    You might also not be eating enough. Make sure that you put something in your stomach before you run and are getting enough carbs the night before (not an excessive amount, just make sure that you eat some).

  2. I always get pretty tired after a long run. I did my long run yesterday and was in bed by 8:30 last night! Fun Saturday night . . .

  3. Isn't that one of the most GLORIOUS feelings, though? What a joy of the senses to push your body, especially in cold weather, feel proud and accomplished, as well as healthy and limber - and then drift asleep on the couch, usually to have positive dreams or no memory of dreams at all! One of my favorite things in the whole world is to run a cold, winter race, then come home, take a hot shower, then just lay down for a couple of hours. To me, that's the perfect winter Saturday morning and early afternoon!

  4. I think your body is just telling that it needs rest. I assume your body will become more used to these work outs as times goes by.

    Congrats on the 6 miler.