Monday, March 8, 2010

Being THAT person

So I'm out for my Sunday run, chugging along, jammin' to my tunes and thinking about my pre-running days not so long ago. I used to drive down the street and see people running in my neighborhood and think, "Ugh! I hate those people! They make me feel so lazy!" I was so jealous of their determination to run in the rain, cold or heat. I thought I could never be one of THOSE people. But on Sunday, I was.
I gotta say, it felt awesome.


  1. Being one of THOSE people is so much fun. My Mom always tells me, "When I see people running, they never look like they're having fun." Funny, Mom. Real funny.

  2. Perfect kind of person to be! Now you can stare disdainfully at the people in their cars smoking cigarettes and eating McDonalds . . .

  3. Being one of those people feels good, doesn't it?