Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stranded with splints

It started last night on the treadmill but I didn't want to admit it. Today, it was undeniable. I was at mile two and suddenly stranded by shin splints. I hobbled home and here I sit, left leg propped and chilling on ice. Really inconvenient, since I'm supposed to shamrock shuffle on Sunday. Until then, I guess it's the stationary bike for me. Any advice on how to deal with a case of the splints?


  1. Sorry to hear of the Shin Splints. I don't have any advice but RICE. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

  2. I battled shin splints for many and rest help (freeze ice in little dixie cups and rub it on your shins until it melts), but the problem may reoccur if you dont find the source.

    here are a couple things you should check

    1) shoes - how old are your shoes? Do you have the proper shoe for your foot? If you are not sure, head to a local running store and have them watch you run - they should be able to help you get into the right shoe for you.
    2) did you increase your speed or distance by more than 10% this week? if yes, that could be your problem.
    3) You might need a custom orthotic, but make sure you go to a good/knowledgeable "pedorthist" (like a podiotrist, but looks at your whole leg in conjunction with your foot). my first go around with orthotics didnt help. when I went to a pedorthist, he fit me with an orthotic that took away my problem.

    I would try to switch shoes first. If the problem persists, I would seek a professional.

    Good luck - I know how painful shin splints can be.

  3. A Physical Therapist once told me that shin splints can happen because you calves are tight. There are a few stretches to do that can help. Stand with right toe and knee up against a wall. Step back with left foot about 2 feet (until you can feel a good stretch). Make sure your knee stays against the wall. Then repeat with your other leg. I do this before and after my run, and it has made a difference. The other stretch is to put your toe on the wall at about a 45 degree angle from the floor. Really just stretching your calves a lot has helped me.

    Good luck!

  4. Last year, shin splints almost derailed my half-marathon run, so you need to be extremely careful not to let the condition deteriorate.

    Make sure to ice them after the run--but it is also important to make sure they are warmed up before you run. I do some balance exercises that help to loosen up my lower legs. Walking on your heels around the house also helps. Reverse lunges seem to work as well. Oh--and toe raises--those are good too.

    There could be something wrong with your running form also--if you are repeatedly landing too hard it could be contributing to the problem. Try to stay off pavement as much as you can. Even taking smaller steps and not landing on your heels can help.

    If you take an aggressive stance against them, they will be gone in a week or two.