Friday, March 26, 2010


Okay, I couldn't let the week end this way. Not with "Struggle" as my last post. Since I last wrote, I've accepted the fact that this injury might take me out for a while - it won't go away in a week. I also noticed that, when left idle, my mind is totally consumed with my day job and I start to stress out big-time. So, I've been back in the gym with renewed energy, doing what I can to maintain my endurance. I've even pulled out what I'm ashamed to say is my dusty, old road bike so I can get outside with everyone else. I picked up some new insoles for my shoes and got some good suggestions on places to run where I can avoid concrete. I'll be back, and if I'm not...(deep breath)...the universe will not implode. It's all about the process, right? This will only make crossing the finish line (whenever that happens) that much sweeter!
Have a great weekend everyone - get out there and do!

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