Tuesday, March 16, 2010


First of all, let me just say THANKS! You've all been awesome! I so appreciate your advice and encouragement. It's been wonderful. EVERY new runner should blog!
A little nervous today - I've got 3.5 miles on my training calendar but am afraid of aggravating the shin splints. I've done everything I'm supposed to: rest, ice, meds, and my shoes are already new. Hoping I can get out there and go pain-free. We'll see...review to follow.
Oh, and I've already set my sights on the American Cancer Society's 10K in April! Bring it!

...a few hours later...

GRRRR! Shin splints strike again. This time, I made it about a mile. I am totally frustrated, but I know I have to take it easy. I am looking into swimming since the bike actually seems to irritate the injury. Trying to stay positive, but this is really killing my running buzz, man.


  1. Just train smart and don't push it. I like your attitude for the 10K! Way to stay positive.

  2. Shin splints can sometimes be caused by tightness in the calf muscles, resulting in increased work by the muscles in the front of the lower leg to bring your toes up when you're swinging your leg through. Calf stretches have helped me quite a bit. You need to make sure you get both muscles in the calf-the gastroc is higher up (attaches above the knee) and the soleus is lower. Keep the knee straight to get the gastroc and the knee slightly bent to get the soleus. Any other ?'s, let me know (I'm a physical therapist and training for the half marathon :) )