Monday, March 22, 2010

Wait...I have muscles that aren't in my legs?

I'd forgotten all about them! While forced to rest my shins, I've remembered all those other muscles that, until now have been neglected. Yesterday, I hit the bike at the gym, then lifted some weights...with my arms! Today was yoga day and, what d'ya know - I rediscovered my abs. I've heard all these other elusive muscle groups can aid in running and hopefully the rumors are true. For the last week, I've been in a workout rut. I couldn't escape the idea that, if I wasn't running, there was no point. Well, in the words of my friend Christine, I decided it was time to, "buck up, little camper!" and get with the program. Since then I've been doing anything I can to keep up my strength and endurance and I'm starting to feel like myself again.
Am hoping to test the waters a little bit this week. The weather is SO nice and I'm really tired of seeing zillions of runners everywhere. Ever notice that when you can't run, it seems like everyone else IS?

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