Wednesday, March 24, 2010


51 days to go...that's 7 weeks to my half marathon.
Yesterday I ran...
around the block. It was pathetic. Right out of the driveway I knew my injury wasn't healed. I came inside, yelled some expletives and proceeded to pout until my husband came home from work. I was upset, but I didn't realize how defeated I felt until I tried to explain to him what was wrong. My voice caught in my throat as I imagined sitting at the finish line watching my friend, Kari, finish the half without me. I don't think I realized how much this really meant to me until then.
My wonderful husband encouraged me not to give up, so I hit the gym and did 45 minutes on the bike. I felt really good afterward, but it wasn't anything like the brief elation I felt at being outside in my running shoes.
Calling all cheerleaders - I could use a boost right now.


  1. Don't give up before you even try. Rest and recovery, then get back to training. Good job on the biking. You need to keep the cardio going while you aren't running.

    Positive thoughts!!!

  2. Not to copy your husband (and Tony), but don't give up! Do what you can to keep your fitness level, when you start running again start small and build slow, and think happy running thoughts.

  3. I am running the same half marathon (also my first) and I am currently dealing with an injury. My wonderful sis-in-law (and marathoner) keeps reminding me that it is better to let the injury fully heal than to push yourself. I'm trying to listen to her. And I'm trying not to take my frustration out on my husband.